Wasted Potential

by Bleak Star

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released November 21, 2010

All music created by Phillip Morgan.
Artwork created by Brittany Lawson.



all rights reserved


Phillip Morgan Los Angeles, California

I am a singer-songwriter and music producer. I make all the music for my four bands/projects Phillip*, Bleak Star, Bondage Dog, and Dethcoat. My styles range from various electronic and rock genres. Thank you for listening and the support.

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Track Name: Rotting Heart
You forsake me of your loyalty
You belittle me to feel brilliancy
And you mock me of my fallacy
And you cast me from society
As you hold me in captivity
You feed me your hypocrisy
You're ruling me with your tyranny
And you beat in me uniformity

Rotting heart
Track Name: MPSD
Money's my friend until the end
Life is lost, I indulge to mend
So fuck your thoughts, I'm destroying happiness
Everyone feeds me the same old lies
Trying to convince me to love this life
But I just feel so heartless deep inside

Money, Power, Sex, Drugs

The fabric of this society
Pulls away all your thoughts
And I am always running from those cuffs
So now I look and take advantage
of this broken dream
Just one look at you tells me you're not free

Money, Power, Sex, Drugs
Track Name: What You Want
She makes me try it out
I can't resist her eagerness
Can it be stars in her eyes
With her it’s always a surprise
I'm looking at everything
Trying to catch a glimpse
Life feels so hypnotized
I've no regrets

(She tells me)
I got just what you want
just what you need
Track Name: Fucking, Disappear
Come on baby, I want you
I think you know I do
I'm looking deep into your eyes
Knowing this is the last time
I just want this night with you
Breaking down, being misused
I don't care about the pain
Deep inside I've numbed it away

Fucking, disappear

I don't think about the time
or the place, I just don't mind
You know me or maybe not
That's what makes us so hot
I'm making sure this is your thing
'cause in the end I'll stay the same
And I don't care about the pain
Deep inside I've numbed it away

Fucking, disappear
Track Name: Pump
I can see you
inside of me
We are together
Now we're complete
Track Name: Bottom Feeder
Happiness is dead
Living at the bottom
Seeing the world for what it is
Track Name: Twist Inside
You take and twist inside
I know I'm not that same old guy
And why hurt me like this?
I've been beside you through all of this shit
You always leave me under stimulated

I'm always taking time to fight the pain
from this overbearing sickness I call a trait
With needles and things I've never seen before
I finally find a way to open this door
but you always make life so complicated
Track Name: Burning In Hell
You are blind, you think you're free
You are blind, you think you see

Burning in hell