by Phillip Morgan

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released July 11, 2014

All music and artwork created by Phillip Morgan.
Artwork for 'Want the Night' co-created with Leslie Ghazarian.



all rights reserved


Phillip Morgan Los Angeles, California

I am a singer-songwriter and music producer. I make all the music for my four bands/projects Phillip*, Bleak Star, Bondage Dog, and Dethcoat. My styles range from various electronic and rock genres. Thank you for listening and the support.

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Track Name: Bleak Star - Battle of Wills
Can I make it out of this place?
How bout the human race?
Little dreams meld reality
Will they take their place?
Fighting me with oppressive qualities
Tryin to take all of me
Mind against the age of lies
The answer comes from the sky

You're hot and I want you
You know that I do
I'm wanting you

Come on baby
Show me what you got
Come on baby
Take your best shot

Come on baby
Take your best shot
Track Name: Bondage Dog - Dope Me
Dope me

I was a trigger pull away
I'm a mental patient trying to escape
I took the gun, I had my fucking fun
Blood splattered on the ground, what a sound
Track Name: Bleak Star - Futuristic Death Machine
I'm a harvesting death machine
A futuristic death machine

I see you in my mind
I want control, I want what's mine
What's the purpose of your life
You're running around without a right
I'll make you scream out, mesmerized
You cannot hope and cannot hide
I've got the sense to root you out
I'll block out the sky and all the clouds

Organic life satisfies
The lights in my eyes hypnotize

I'm a harvesting death machine
A futuristic death machine

You think you'll make it
You try to run away

I'm thinking of you
Are you thinking of me?
I've yet to read minds
It's why I'm a machine
Up and down, across the world
From sea to sea
I'm lost in my essence
I need a place to be
Like time after time
I refuse to listen
I'll learn to get by
I'll make it my mission
Take a piece of me
and a part of you
Mix it in a blend
We've got nothing to lose

I'm a harvesting death machine
A futuristic death machine
Track Name: Phillip* - Want the Night
I'm thinking of a way to hold you tight
To jump past the past and make it all right
I think deep inside you want the night
Something that excites and brings a new light
I'm always loitering close around
Hoping you'll see my eyes through the crowd
And I'm self-conscious till the end
Could you ever notice me, be my friend?

You're walking 'round sexy
You're looking good