Collecting Dust

by Phillip*

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released May 13, 2015

All music and artwork created by Phillip Morgan.



all rights reserved


Phillip Morgan Los Angeles, California

I am a singer-songwriter and music producer. I make all the music for my four bands/projects Phillip*, Bleak Star, Bondage Dog, and Dethcoat. My styles range from various electronic and rock genres. Thank you for listening and the support.

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Track Name: Ode To
I'm feeling weak with you tonight
Everything with you feels alright
Could I have fallen in love with you
The comfort you bring makes me feels so cool
Our imaginations are endless when together
It's all better
It's all better

You take the cold, you make it warm
You step me up, ready to handle the storm
The way you think is truly one-of-a-kind
I know that you are the very best find
You saved me from all the pain, I like you
Maybe I love you
Maybe I love you

I have just one question for you
Will you fade into the sky too?
This place it makes, pulls down, recreates
In the end, I still feel the same
So take me and make me feel again
Make me feel again
Make me feel again
Track Name: In The Clouds
I'm in the clouds, so high above
I'll stop the world and all it's time
Today I looked in the mirror and I finally saw my reflection
It always rains when it's good but it's all good
Track Name: Shine Bright
Sometimes we hide our face scared of the truth
Sometimes we let it all down but look like a fool
Reality holds me back, I won't deny
The limits placed on me can make me question my life

But I always find a place to ease my mind
Deep inside of my soul, what's left of divine
The memory takes away, it gives me my light
That I'm not such a bad, such a bad guy

Stars and light
they're always all around
Shining bright
my soul is in the clouds
But I can't seem to
seem to fade away
Everything about me
is here to stay

I'll find a place to rest my mind
I'll heal my soul, I'll take my time
Just forget about me, don't you regret
I'm finding myself, I'm finding some sense

Shine Bright

And every day I fear being alone
Do I not deserve a place to call my home?
But when I gaze at the stars way up in space
It gently reminds me someone else shares the same

Shine Bright